Dealer Network keeps on growing

GAC’s 2013 strategic plan included an initiative to focus more heavily on the U.S. market with the goal of having a dealer located in each state so that customers would always have a local point of contact.  In most cases, there will be multiple dealers per state offering a mix of focus between power generation and other industrial engine applications.  Over the last 26 years, GAC has continuously grown overseas sales, most recently with the expansion of its Yantai, China facility which is intended for local Chinese distribution and light manufacturing. “The re-focus on the US market came about as an effort to expand into adjacent industrial engine applications such as compression, irrigation, agriculture, construction, marine, etc.. where GAC products could also offer superior performance” said Marko Jocic, Vice President – Sales and Marketing. 

Today, GAC announced it has reached a new milestone by signing its 35th U.S. dealer.  Continued demand for the industry's highest quality actuator and engine control systems, an expanded product offering of digital governors and linear actuators, and the growth of GACs fuel and ignition system for gaseous engines, all attribute to the need for the US dealer network.  "With the success of the US dealer campaign, GAC will look onward to develop South and Central America and later the world to ensure that our products can be sold, serviced, and supported in every country around the globe” said Marko Jocic.

For more information about joining our growing dealer network program in the Americas, please contact Mike Sheddan at or  413-233-1888.

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