Message from the President

Well it has been a year since I took over as the President of GAC - -and boy it has been a busy year! I wanted to take a few minutes to share my thanks to all our customers who have supported us over the last 26 years and share a quick glimpse of my vision for future growth.

I have had the opportunity to visit several countries, distributors, and customers over the past year and enjoyed great dialogue with all. It was extremely refreshing to hear from our customers --although sometimes the feedback was not as positive as I would have liked – they highlighted areas of opportunities for improvement. I strongly believe in open lines of communication to ensure success. We (GAC) want to provide the highest quality of service along with a dependable and high quality product. GAC was founded on innovation and problem solving -- Bill Ferry, our founder, has instilled that in me and I will continue to carry that mantle of responsibility.

Our quality statement centers on –
    Give customers a reliable quality product.
        Achieve advancements within the engine controls industry by providing an atmosphere that
        fosters creativity and innovation
            Comply with GAC Quality Management System & Continually improve its effectiveness.

Supplemental Goals ….2013 and Beyond….
    Global Reach and Sustainment
        Achieving High Standards with Consistency
            Control Our Own Destiny with Innovation only we can offer

We have undergone a great deal of reorganization and restructuring here in Agawam, building a strong team who share the vision and embrace our goals for the future. We are investing in the support infrastructure to provide customers with the best service possible. From opening our new facility in China, to modernizing our website (soon to be launched) along with hiring a team of product support and application specialists – we are expanding.

GAC has a global footprint in much more than power generation. You can find our products in construction, agriculture, marine, oil & gas, and other industrial engine applications. However, in 2013 we will focus on growing our presence in these markets even further. We are interested in providing solutions to our markets; this is where GAC’s customer-base and distribution partners are vital to gaining this input. GAC has been updating our relationships with our distributors – bringing our agreements up to date and ensuring all parties are aware of our goals and objectives. In fact, we have already seen great success here in the United States and welcome all our newly signed dealers! We invite all our customers to share our goals to increase sales and foster opportunities for success.

I thank you for all the support in carrying the GAC product – together we will bring success to the market!

Sean T. Collins, PhD

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