Application Success- Foton

Foton Application

 GAC’s integrated governor-actuator design has been well received in the global market by OEMs and users alike. Our OEM partner, Forward Engine, has introduced GAC’s integrated governor-actuator designed to mount directly to the Kangda BQ pump on their 2.8-L 4JB1 series engine for generator sets. Forward Engine (Beijing) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a renowned supplier of Foton and Lovol engines, both considered premium quality engine brands from China for the <100kW power range.  As a complement to the powerful 4JB1 series, the combined GAC governor-actuator improves fuel economy due to precise engine speed governing, improves starting fuel control to reduce smoke, and offers incredible transient performance – all this in a compact package. 

 “The powerful digital governor proves that with some simple calibration adjustments, the GAC offering has unparalleled performance to the competition in every application.” Said Marko Jocic, VP of Marketing and Sales.

 Check our partner’s website at for more information.

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