● Powerful, Fast-Responding Actuator

● For Large Natural Gas or Diesel Engines

● Compatible with ESD5330 or EEG6500 Series


The ACB2001 actuator is a rotary output, 24V, linear torque proportional electric servo designed for mechanical actuation of fuel system control levers requiring torques in the 5 lb-ft [6.8Nm] range. The actuator is energized by appropriate speed control unit signals, and is capable of 35 degrees of rotation with torques as high as 12 Lb-Ft [16.3Nm]. Internal springs provide fail safe operation by forcing the actuator to the fuel shut off position when the actuator is de-energized. Both CW and CCW shafts are available. Engine applications include large block pumps, and dual medium and some large size carburetors.


Resolving a speed / frequency instability issue on a Perkins 4016, 61L, V16 engine powered gen-set.

  Perkins 4016TAG, 61L, V16 Engine


A 500+ bed hospital in London, UK called in GAC Distributor, IPU Engine Controls Group, to fix an unacceptable instability problem with their emergency standby generator.  IPU supplied a GAC ACB2001 actuator and ESD5330 electronic governing system powerful enough to control the engine under no-load and full-load conditions.  Paralleling tests demonstrated the system’s ability to reliably synchronize and parallel the gen-set to the grid.

The ESD5330 governor precisely controls engine speed and provides a fast, precise response to transient load changes with every advanced feature GAC offers.  It features a powerful actuator drive circuit specifically designed for the ACB2001 actuator that delivers 12 Lb-Ft [16.3 Nm] of torque over 35° of shaft rotation.

           ESD5330 Speed Control Unit                                 ACB2001 Proportional Actuator


The upgraded gen-set was returned to service on August 24th 2015.  Follow-up checks to date have verified that it’s been operating correctly in STOR mode, successfully exporting 1.1 MW of electrical power to the grid twice a week without issue. 

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Let’s talk Ford Adaptors, GAC offers many adaptor combinations for different engine combinations, but for this month let’s focus on our Ford friends;

The 460A Kit-All parts needed to convert that 460 Ford over to an externally mounted 225 series electronic governing system, including governor, install kit, actuator and Mag Pick-up

The 460ATB Kit-All of the components to convert the 460 Ford over to an Electronic Throttle Body system, includes Governor, Throttle Body and necessary Adaptors. Used with customer supplied Impco 425 Carb 

The KT300 Kit-All parts necessary to convert any Ford 6 Cylinder from those slow and sluggish mechanical governors to an electronic governing system. Includes Install kit, governor, actuator and Mag-Pickup (for non- water cooled Intakes)

This new plate just added is to replace the bottom adaptor plate for a Throttle Body Installation on the old Ford Industrial engines with the conventional 4, 1 ½ inch holes on the intake Manifold

Coming soon is the installation Kit for the 4-cylinder Ford engines to add an electronic governing system with the 225 series Actuator.

Also we have many other options for both Big and Small Block Chevrolet engines.

Keep checking back on for more combinations being added. If there is something you need and don’t see please call and ask.