ALN025 / 050
● Universal Linear Push Actuator (22mm Travel). 
● 6.5 lbf [3.0kg] Force with ALN025 or  13.0lbf [6.0kg] with ALN050.
● Great for VE or any Bosch Fuel  Injection Pump. 
● Fast Response with Built-in Return    Spring.
● Designed with High Quality Anti- Friction Bearings.
● Cost-effective and Compact Design.

The ALN025 and ALN050 universal linear actuators provide fast acting, highly accurate positioning of a shut-off lever or throttle lever.  These push type actuators features internal return springs and performs both a speed control and engine shut-down functions.  The field proven, military-grade and approved design, is constructed with linear bearings and a minimum number of moving parts.  ALN025 and ALN050 actuators are maintenance-free and can be applied to a multitude of applications, they directly replace Woodward / Barber Colman units used on many OEM installations, with the same mounting.

The ALN025-12/24 provides 6.5 Lbs. [3.0 kgf] of linear force and replaces Woodward’s DYNA 2000 part numbers:


The ALN050-12/24 provides 13.0 Lbs. [6.0 kgf] of linear force and replaces Woodward’s DYNA 2500 part numbers:


Additional ALN System Components Include:
ALN Series Clevis Kit: KT130 
Light Force Speed Controllers: ECC328, ESD2244, ESD2402, ESD5120, ESD5520, ESD5570, ESD5526, ESD5500-II, and EEG6550
Bearing Rod Ends: BR200 (1/4-28), BR300 (M5), BR400 (M6), BR500 (M8)
Threaded Rod: RD102 (1/4-28), RD233 (M6)

ALN050 Starter Mounting Bracket 
Part Number BK266

ALN025 Starter Mounting Bracket 
Part Number BK265



A Tugboat in Iceland needed to replace main propulsion control system for its two Caterpillar 3516, 69L V16 engines.  The application required the output of both engines to be balanced, connected to a single drive train, and controlled with a single potentiometer.  The best alternative was to install two GAC ACB2001 actuators and two ESD5330 controllers connected with a harness that was specifically designed for the application with potentiometers to adjust and balance the engines individually and a single potentiometer to control the speed of both engines at once.


The connection to the fuel control racks were modified and each engine fitted with an ACB2001 actuator.  Each of these actuators provide 12.0 Ft-Lbs. (16.3 N-m) of torque over 35° of shaft rotation.

 These ESD5330 controllers include:
  1. Isochronous, Variable Speed and Droop Operation  
  2. Dual Gain Adjustments for Idle and Rated   
  3. Overspeed and Crank Termination outputs
  4. Speed Ramping             
      5. Start Fuel Control 
      6. Adjustable PID Governor
      7. Idle Speed Adjustment
      8. Auxiliary Input for synchronizing or Load Sharing

Dual ESD53330's Controlling Two Main Engines  

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Main Propulsion System Consists of two CAT 3516, 69L V16 engines

All sea trails were successfully completed after the GAC Control system was installed. The Tugboat was returned to service and continues to perform without incident and the captain reported the fastest cruising speed ever.


How do you select a Remote Speed Potentiometer?

GAC speed controllers offer the option of having either a single remote speed adjustment (speed trim) or wide range remote variable speed control.  A potentiometer, with a value that corresponds to your desired speed range, can be externally mounted for more convenient, easy access.   GAC offers a full line of potentiometers, connectors, harness assemblies, sensors and accessories for ease of installation and operation.

For more information on Remote Speed Potentiometers click Here!