EEG7000 Electronic Digital Governor with J1939 TSC1 Capability
GAC’s EEG7000 digital governor is designed to regulate engine speed on diesel and gaseous fueled engines.  When paired with a GAC actuator the EEG is a significant upgrade for any mechanical governor system that needs flexibility, precision or accurate speed control.  The EEG is designed for industrial engine applications from generator sets, mechanical drives, pumps, compressors and off-road mobile equipment.  The EEG7000 is programmed using GAC’s SmartVu© software, consolidating the most popular control features into one user-friendly, compact package. Control directly over J1939 with aftermarket displays such as ComAp, Dynagen, Murphy, etc; a solution for every application.
The New EEG7000 Features
Mini-ECU, J1939 TSC1 Control Capable with Diagnostic Messages (DM).
Isochronous, Variable, or Customizable Droop Governing.
3 Fixed Speeds or Variable Speed with Direct 0-5V, 5kΩ, or 4-20mA Input. 
Built-in USB Port for Easy Configuration with Free Software.
Black-Smoke Reduction, Speed Ramp Control, Load Sharing / Synchronizing Option, and Cummins EFC Capable.
Built-in Speed Switch Output for Crank or Overspeed. 
Engine Hour Meter and Service Timer.
Fully Sealed, IP-67.


The Iberian Gas Engine Co. of Valencia Spain, was contracted to convert 2 cylinder 1.29L Cummins X1.3G2 engines to run on propane for a 10 KVA generator drive application.  A GAC integrated throttle body / actuator and ignition system was selected for their ease of installation, performance and value which is a critical issue on these smaller engines.


The ATB Series integral throttle body actuators are designed to control the air or air/fuel mixture to a gaseous-fueled engine. The design features fast response and proven reliability to allow for efficient and precise control. The ATB Series actuator directly drives the throttle plate with internal return springs, insuring that the throttle plate returns to the minimum fuel position when the actuator is de-energized.


The Ignition Control Module (ICM) 200-series is an intelligent electronic control module which is part of GAC’s distributor-less ignition system. The ICM triggers an inductive coil by charging the coil with the appropriate amount of energy for high voltage induction into the engines’ spark plug.


                    Actuator Throttle Body       Ignition Control Module       High-Output Ignition Coil 

The engines were equipped with an ATB25T1N-12 throttle body, an ICM200-4 Ignition Control Module, CL602 Ignition Coils, SPW100 Spark Plugs and Ignition Wires, a GR104 Timing Trigger Wheel and SCI101 Variable Reluctance Timing sensor.


What is the “Light Force Governor” feature and why do I want to use it?

The Light Force Governor feature is for small low-current actuators like the T1 ATB, ALR/ALN and the 100, 103 and 104 series actuators. This feature is also for use with Cummins EFC actuators.  It has full P.I.D. governor response capabilities that are scaled to operate over a lower actuator current range, for finer increments of adjustment and ease of engine stability to load response optimization.  The selection of Light Force analog Governors includes the ESD2402-12/24, ESD5120, ESD5500-II, ESD5520E, ESD5522E, ESD5526 and ESD5570; digital governor models EEG6500, EEG6550, and the NEW EEG7000 model.