IGC700 Series Integrated Governor Controller

• An oldie but a goodie!

• Integrated Engine Governor and Protection Control for Constant or Variable Speed Applications.

• Remote Starting and Battery System Monitor.

• Ten Discrete, User Configurable, Sensor Signal Inputs.

• Three Contacts for Starter Motor, Fuel Valve or Solenoid Output and Alarm or Pre-Heat Output.

• Small size for In-Panel Mounting (96mmX96mm)

• Reliable and compact

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Featured Product: 

The IGC700

The IGC is a highly configurable, compact, panel mounted module designed for the control and protection of diesel and spark ignited engines. This high performance integrated speed control system has stood the test of time. The IGC700 is a multi-functional isochronous digital speed control that can be used for wide range variable speed applications or constant speed Generator Sets.  The front panel keypad allows direct settings and security without a laptop or special software.

The monitoring and protection capability of the IGC700 includes inputs for up to 10 sensors that are setup through the front panel keypad.  Oil pressure, Engine Coolant Temperature and Charge Level are dedicated standard inputs that can be configured for either digital or analog inputs.

Application of the Month:

An irrigation pump driven by a four cylinder John Deere engine is equipped with GAC’s ADC120S actuator and an IGC700 series integrated engine governor for variable pressure control.  The IGC700 electronic governor measures engine speed and water pressure.  After starting at idle, a specific water pressure is selected and will be maintained independent of flowrate.  The water intake is monitored to prevent potential pump damage while all engine parameters are surveyed by the IGC protection system.  The result is a high performance and responsive maintenance free system.


A GAC - ADC120S actuator was installed with its linkage connected to the throttle lever of the CAV pump.


FAQ of the Month:

Is there a way to use my SSW674 Speed Switch for Crank Termination?

Yes, the SSW674 one element speed switch can use the waveform from Terminal ‘W’ on an alternator as the input signal.  Its frequency is proportional to engine speed.  A jumper wire has to be soldered between posts E3 and E4, located below and to the right of the adjusting pots, for the SSW674 to operate in this lower 10 to 200 Hz frequency range.

GAC offers one, two, and three element electronic speed switches.  The SSW675 and SSW676 sense and signal a low speed setting (CRANK termination) and a high speed setting (OVERSPEED). The SSW676 has a third mid speed setting that can be used for several purposes such as parallel indication, underspeed, or general auxiliary contacts. The single element SSW674 has a wide range of adjustment and can be used for any one of these three functions.

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