Load Anticipation Module
  • Designed for strict power generation performance requirements.

  • Improves transient load acceptance and rejection by up to 40%.

  • Improves steady state stability.

  • Works with most GAC analog speed controls.

Featured Product: LAM100

The LAM100 uses a 5A Current Transformer (CT) to sense the line current of a generator and adjusts the fuel quantity through the ESD before the engine speed responds to improve the performance of your genset. 

Application of the Month:

LAM100 Load Apticipation Module

GAC’s LAM100 Load Anticipation Module improves the load transient performance of a generator set. The LAM senses the line current of a generator and signals the speed controller to increase or decrease fuel to the engine, compensating for load changes on the alternator even before the engine speed changes. Purchased as an accessory, the LAM can be paired with a GAC electronic speed controller featuring an auxiliary input, improving transient performance up to 40%. The LAM comes hard-potted with adjustable time constant, adjustable amplitude, and requires a current transformer to be installed.

Governor Load Response Comparison

Without LAM - 880ms                                                             With LAM100 440ms


FAQ of the Month:

What are the different types of GAC actuators?

GAC sells engine mounted actuators, pump mounted actuators, universal actuators, and actuator throttle bodies:

  1. Engine mounted actuators are mounted to certain engine models and usually replace the stop solenoid or mechanical governor, requiring no external linkages.
  2. Pump mounted actuators are mounted directly to certain diesel fuel injection pump models and linked directly to the pump’s fuel rack. This means they apply to a broad range of engine models.
  3. Universal actuators can be mounted and linked to diesel fuel injection pumps or mechanical throttle bodies. Different models can be selected based on force and travel requirements, as well as other features such as a linear or rotary designs.
  4. Actuator Throttle Bodies (ATB) are a combined electronic actuator and throttle body in one compact, high-performance unit. These ATBs control the air/fuel mixture for gaseous-fueled engines and come in many bore sizes from 25mm to 95mm supporting 1L to 30L engines. 
  5. All of our actuators are proportional, non-contact, and come with return springs for safety, there’s no maintenance or service required.
GAC offers direct replacements for similar products for almost all competitors and OEM labeled products, including Woodward, Barber Colman, Heinzmann and others.