The New ESD5500-II Features
• All of the most popular ESD features in one!
Great Universal Replacement!
• LED indicators for easy troubleshooting.
• Both gaseous or diesel capable

Featured Product: 

DDM101, Dual Driver Module

The DDM101 is an accessory module whose function is to drive two independent, feedback-equipped GAC electronic actuators from one GAC ESD or EEG Electronic Governor controllerThis module is installed where two actuators are required for a single engine i.e., two independent diesel fuel injection pumps or two gaseous throttle body actuators (ATB’s).

The module drives two feedback-equipped electric actuators equally so that both banks receive the same delivered fuel quantity.  The actuators should be of similar types with similar position sensors with equal outputs.  The DDM101 has two advanced features, fuel and exhaust temperature balancing adjustments that ensure both banks of the engine produce the same amount of power.

The Dual Driver Module is compatible with a pair of ATB T2F or T4F series actuators for gaseous fueled applications or two ACE275K or two ADD175F series actuators for diesel engine fuel control.

Application of the Month:
GAC Equipped Cummins QST30G Engine

The 30.5L – V12 Cummins QST30 engine comes from the factory with a Cummins PCC controller and a Bosch EDC actuator mounted on each injection pump.  The engine is used in a variety of applications with a rated power range of 760 to 1500 HP (567 to 1119 kW) but its control system is not easily accessible to make adjustments or repairs, making any aftermarket service difficult.  GAC’s Dual Driver Module (DDM101) and governor control system is proven to be the best alternative given its ease of installation, simple calibration procedure, and cost-effective components.


Showing: The Injection Pump with Bosch EDC Actuator, The Actuator replaced with KT197 Adapter Kit, and the GAC ADD175 Actuator Installed on KT197 Adapter Kit

Converting to the GAC system includes the installation an ADD175F actuator on each pump with a KT197 adapter kit.  Installing a K-Type thermocouple in the exhaust stream of each bank and connecting the actuators, position feedback sensors and thermocouples to the DDM101 module and ESD5111 governor controller. The DDM101 uses the input from the two thermocouples and two position sensors to balance and maintain an equal output from both banks of the engine while being controlled by a single governor. 

A typical Cummins QST30 control system consists of:

ADD175F Actuator Mounted on a QST30 Fuel Injection Pump with KT197 Installation Kit

The GAC parts listed are not compatible with the Cummins PCC controller or the Bosch injection pump mounted actuators. These systems act as a standalone complete dual pump governor systems that do not require interaction with the Cummins controller.

 FAQ of the Month:

How can I get product information and technical bulletins describing installation dimensions, specifications, operating instructions and troubleshooting recommendations?

Product Bulletins are available for download from our website,  Go to the page for the product you purchased to find PDF versions of the Product Bulletin, the Sales Sheet, Users Guide and SmartView software and/or the Interface Tool used with a given governor controller.

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