The New EEG7000 Features
• Mini-ECU with J1939 TSC1 Control Capable with Diagnostic Messages (DM).
Isochronous, Variable, or Customizable Droop Governing.
3 Fixed Speeds or Variable Speed with Direct 0-5V, 5kΩ, or 4-20mA Input. 
Built-in USB Port for Easy Configuration with Free Software.
Black-Smoke Reduction, Speed Ramp Control, Load Sharing / Synchronizing Option, and Cummins EFC Capable.
Built-in Speed Switch Output for Crank or Overspeed. 
Engine Hour Meter and Service Timer.
Fully Sealed, IP-67.


The EEG7000 Enhanced Electronic Governor is designed to precisely control engine speed and provide a fast precise response to transient engine loads for diesel and gaseous fueled engines.  When paired with a GAC actuator the EEG is a significant upgrade for any mechanical governor system that needs flexibility, precision or accurate speed control.  The EEG is designed for industrial engine applications from generator sets, mechanical drives, pumps compressors and off-road mobile equipment.  The EEG7000 is programmed using GAC’s Interface Tool, consolidating the most popular features into one user-friendly, compact package.  It can be controlled directly over J1939 with aftermarket displays such as ComAp, Dynagen, Murphy, etc.; a solution for every application.

Built-in USB port is on the front of the unit for easy configuration with Free Software available for download from our website.  The Interface Tool provides a complete dashboard with a graphical Device Monitor screen, making it easy to optimize each parameter for your individual application.


How do I wire an ESD5XXX Series governor for speed control with an external potentiometer?

A single remote speed adjustment potentiometer can be used to adjust the engine speed continuously over a specific speed range.  Select the desired speed range and corresponding potentiometer value. (Refer to TABLE 1 below) If the exact range cannot be found, select the next higher range potentiometer.

To maintain engine stability at the minimum speed setting, a small amount of droop can be added using the DROOP adjustment. At the maximum speed setting the governor, performance will be near isochronous, regardless of the droop adjustment setting.  An additional fixed resistor may be placed across the potentiometer to obtain the exact desired range. Connect the speed range potentiometer as shown to Terminals G and J. Contact GAC for assistance if difficulty is experienced in obtaining the desired variable speed governing performance.