• Mini-ECU, J1939 TSC1 Control Capable with Diagnostic Messages (DM).
• Isochronous, Variable, or Customizable Droop Governing.
• 3 Fixed Speeds or Variable Speed with Direct 0-5V, 5kΩ, or 4-20mA Input. 
• Built-in USB Port for Easy Configuration with Free Software.
• Black-Smoke Reduction, Speed Ramp Control, Load Sharing / Synchronizing Option, and Cummins EFC Capable.
• Built-in Speed Switch Output for Crank or Overspeed. 
• Engine Hour Meter and Service Timer.
• Fully Sealed, IP-67

Featured Product: The EEG700

GAC’s EEG7000 digital governor is designed to regulate engine speed on diesel and gaseous fueled engines.  When paired with a GAC actuator, the EEG is a significant upgrade for any mechanical governor system that needs flexibility, precision or accurate speed control.  The EEG is designed for industrial engine applications from generator sets, mechanical drives, pumps, compressors and off-road mobile equipment.  The EEG7000 is programmed using GAC’s Interface software, consolidating the most popular control features into one user-friendly, compact package. It can be controlled directly over J1939 with aftermarket displays such as ComAp, Dynagen, Murphy, etc.; a solution for every application.

Application of the Month:

GAC Equipped Cummins QST30G Engine

The 30.5L – V12 Cummins QST30 engine comes from the factory with a Cummins PCC controller and a Bosch EDC actuator mounted on each injection pump.  The engine is used in a variety of applications  with a rated power range of 760 to 1500 HP (567 to 1119 kW) but it’s control system is not easily accessible to make adjustments or repairs, making any aftermarket service difficult.  GAC’s Dual Driver Module (DDM101) and governor control system is proven to be the best alternative given its ease of installation, simple calibration procedure and cost effective components.

Injection Pump with Bosch EDC Actuator

EDC Actuator Replaced with KT197 Adapter Kit & a GAC ADD175F Actuator Installed on KT197 Adapter Kit


Converting to the GAC system includes the installation an ADD175F actuator on each pump with a KT197 adapter kit.  Installing a K-Type thermocouple in the exhaust stream of each bank and connecting the actuators, position feedback sensors and thermocouples to the DDM101 module and ESD5111 governor controller.  The DDM101 uses the input from the two thermocouples and two position sensors to balance and maintain an equal output from both banks of the engine while being controlled by a single governor. 

A typical Cummins QST30 control system consists of:

ADD175F Actuator Mounted on a QST30 Fuel Injection Pump with KT197 Installation Kit

The GAC parts listed are not compatible with the Cummins PCC controller or the Bosch injection pump mounted actuators.  These systems act as a standalone complete dual pump governor systems that do not require interaction with the Cummins controller.

FAQ of the Month:

What is the AUX input terminal on an ESD5XXX series governor and how does it work?

The Auxiliary (AUX) input, terminal ‘N’, accepts signals for load sharing and synchronizing multiple generators.  The input is reversed polarity so increased voltage will decrease speed at the rate of -145 Hz / volt, it’s a nominal 5.0 volt setting with a range of ± 5.0 volts.  Any accessory connected to terminal N must be shielded.


If an auto synchronizer is used alone, not in conjunction with a load sharing module, a 3 Ohm resistor should be connected between Terminals N and P.  This is required to match the voltage levels between the speed control unit and the synchronizer.  A +10 volt regulated supply from Terminal P can be used to provide power to GAC governor system accessories.  Up to 20 mA of current can be drawn from this supply.  Ground reference is Terminal G.


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