The EAM208

24VDC Variable Speed DC Generator Control Interface

• Integrated Current Transformer

•  200 Amp Input

• 0 - 8 VDC Output

• Pairs with GAC Digital Governors


Compared to a conventional AC generator that operates at a fixed speed; a variable speed DC generator uses variable governing which reduces fuel consumption by up to 40% while operating under light electrical loads by adjusting engine speed based on demand.  GAC’s EAM208 is an accessory module that provides an output voltage proportional to power based on the current from a variable speed DC generator and provides the signal to the governor. Combined with the EDG6000 governor, the setup is proven to be an easily configurable, digital system for maximum fuel savings. Typical applications include military and the telecommunications market. The EDG has customization across the entire speed and load range for perfect performance under all operating conditions and can be directly applied to any make engine.

Application of the Month:

Mitsubishi L3E-V363JGH Engine Powered Variable Speed DC Generator Controlled with an EDG6000 Digital Governor and EAM208 Interface Module

The EAM208 is an accessory module that provides an output proportional to power based on the current input from the variable speed DC generator.  The module does this with an integrated current transformer that is designed to operate at nominal 100 Amps, max 200 Amps. The integrated current gain potentiometer provides a method of adjusting the gain response of the current input with respect to the variable speed output of 0-8VDC.  The EAM208 also features a meter output for external power level indication that can be scaled using an integrated calibration potentiometer to coincide with the actual governor output. The module is designed for 24V operation, with a range of 18 to 32 VDC.  It is a perfect complement to the EDG6000 which has a voltage input for variable speed operation and includes multiple-PID capability (across entire speed and duty cycle range) for perfect performance under all operating conditions.

The EDG6000 is a digital governor designed for industrial engine applications from generator sets, and mechanical drives, to pumps or compressors.  Standard features include:
  • Full PID across the engine speed and load range
  • Variable speed input – resistive or voltage
  • Three fixed speeds (1 idle) and variable speed
  • Configurable over-speed output
  • AUX Input for Synchronizing and Load Sharing
  • RS232 and CAN J1939 Communications
  • SmartVu software (no special adapter required)


FAQ of the Month:

How do you select a Remote Speed Potentiometer?

GAC speed controllers offer the option of having either a single remote speed adjustment (speed trim) or wide range remote variable speed control.  A potentiometer, with a value that corresponds to your desired speed range, can be externally mounted for more convenient, easy access.   

  1. A 10 turn pot will provide more accurate adjustment than a 1 turn pot.
  2. The higher the resistance rating of the pot, the larger the speed range it’s capable of adjusting.
  3. Select a potentiometer with a locking shaft if you want to lock the speed trim setting in place after adjustment.
  4. Some pots come with knobs, some don’t.

GAC offers a full line of potentiometers, connectors, harness assemblies, sensors, and accessories for ease of installation and operation.

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