103 Series

Integral Electric Actuator for the
Delphi DPG / DP210G Pumps
• Mounts directly, quick install, approved by Delphi 
• No external linkages or brackets required
• Fast response < 45msec
Simple installation when paired with a basic controller See the ECC328
• Functions as a fuel shutoff solenoid when the governor system is de-energized
View the ADD103B Pump Mounted Actuator


Featured Product: ADD103B Series Actuator

The 103 Series Integral Actuator is designed to mount directly onto Delphi DPG/DP210G fuel injection pumps. No external linkage or brackets are required to install this actuator. Also, when de-energized the 103 Series electric actuator provides the function of shutoff solenoid by internally moving the fuel metering valve to the no fuel position. 

Important Note: To install the actuator, momentarily energize it by either applying battery voltage to its connector or a jumper across the actuator and battery (+) terminals to more easily position the actuator lever behind the governor linkage hook in the pump.

Installing the 103 Series actuator does not defeat the engine’s mechanical governor operation. During the installation process, the mechanical governor is set to a higher speed than the electric governor’s operating speed. In this configuration the mechanical governor acts as a speed limiter. The electromechanical design used in the 103 Series is field proven and provides a proportional actuator movement based on the actuator coil current.


The ADD103B actuator mounts directly onto the governor cover of the Delphi pump, which is made with an access port and mounting bosses specifically for this actuator.  The ADD103B engages the governor linkage hook, for direct control of fuel metering, providing fast response and precise speed control.  

ADD103B-12 Installation Procedure - 6 Cylinder Caterpillar Application

ADD103B Actuator Installed on an Iveco 4.5L NEF Engine

Application of the Month:

ACB2001 Actuator:

The ACB2001 is a rotary output, 24V, proportional actuator that produces 12.0 Ft.-Lbs. (16.3 Nm) of net torque over 35° of shaft rotation.  Internal springs provide fail-safe operation by forcing the actuator to the fuel shut-off position when it’s de-energized.  Both CW and CCW shafts are available.  The ACB2001 is compatible with ESD5330 and ESD5340 speed controllers that have a unique power drive circuit for optimum performance.  The ESD5330 / 5340 controllers are rugged enough too mounted in a control cabinet or in an engine mounted enclosure.  Their circuit boards are conformally coated to seal out moisture and resist vibration.

ACB2001 Actuator Mounted on a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) S12R - MPTK, 49.03L, V-12 Turbo-Charged Engine

The actuator is mounted on stiff rubber vibration isolating mounts that have a Shore ‘A’ Durometer 60.  Typical applications for this engine include Marine Main Propulsion and Generator Drive and large gaseous fueled engines. 

FAQ of the Month:

How do I use an ESD5330 controller for variable speed operation? 

Wide range variable speed control is easily configured by pairing an RSC671 Speed Ramping / Variable Speed module with an ESD5330 controller.  The RSC671 is a full time, linear electronic module designed to smoothly accelerate and decelerate an engine at independently adjustable rates.  The module accepts either 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA variable speed input signals and is easily adjusted for diesel and / or gaseous fueled engines.  This system provides optimum variable speed performance and is typically used with larger high output actuators like the ACB2001 and ADB335-24.                                                                                 

The RSC671 variable speed control is also compatible with all ESD5100, ESD5200 and ESD5500 series speed controllers for use on any light force, standard or high force applications.

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