ADB335 Series Actuators
  • 24 Volt DC

  • 3.3 Ft-Lbs (4.5N-m) Net Torque

  • Military Style Connector

  • 65° Shaft Rotation

  • Optional Position Feedback Sensor

Featured Product: ADB335

The universal electric actuator is a rotary output, proportional servo. This electromechanical actuator is typically used for mechanical actuation of fuel system control levers for diesel and gaseous fueled engines.  An internal spring provides fail safe operation by forcing the actuator to the fuel shut off position when the actuator is de-energized. The design combines rapid transient response with a wide rotational angle for extended linear travel and proven reliability in the field.  It’s easy to install, built with precision bearings and there’s no maintenance required. The wide range of travel also allows direct or linear coupling to a throttle body.

Application of the Month:

One of our OEM customers prepared several dynamometer test cells for engine durability testing.   They needed to interface a variable speed controller with their PLC to run automated durability tests, cycling speed and load according to predetermined operating schedules.  The flexibility to properly control different engines with a variety of fuel systems was required.   

The ADB335-24 actuator, ESD5330 speed controller and RSC671 variable speed module was selected as the best choice to support a variety of engine installations.  The RSC671 accepts the 0 to 5 volt speed signal that can be scaled to cover a variety of RPM ranges.  The RSC671 / ESD5330 combination provides the ability to step through the RPM range and maintain a given RPM setting while loading and unloading the engine.  The higher force and travel of an ADB335-24 actuator allows the same control system to be applied to several engine applications. 

Pictures of one of their early prototype control systems:


FAQ of the Month:

How can I get product information and technical bulletins describing installation dimensions, specifications, operating instructions and troubleshooting recommendations?

Product Bulletins are available for download from our website,  Go to the page for the product you purchased to find PDF versions of the Product Bulletin, the Sales Sheet, Users Guide and SmartView software and/or the Interface Tool used with a given governor controller. You can also enter your part number into the search box to locate it. 

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