EEG6550 Digital Speed Control
  • Simplified LCD User Interface, No PC Needed
  • Selectable Isochronous or Customizable Droop Governing
  • 2 Fixed Speeds (Rated/Idle) and Variable Speed Capability
  • Adjustable Starting Fuel Strategy and Speed Ramping (Black Smoke Reduction)
  • AUX Input for Synchronizing and Load Sharing with Selectable Polarity
  • Configurable Speed Switch Output
  • 5K Ohm resistive, 0-5V or 4-20mA Variable Speed Input
  • Selectable Light Force Governor – Cummins EFC Compatible
  • Hour Meter & Service Meter
  • J1939  Data and Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
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The KT197 Installation Kit Adapts any GAC 175 Series Actuator onto the Bosch EDC Governor Housing.  The EDC system is not easily accessible, making any aftermarket adjustments or repairs difficult if not impossible.  GAC’s speed control systems offer the best alternatives given there ease of installation, simple calibration procedure and cost effective components.

The KT197 is made to mount directly onto the existing governor housing with a fuel control rack link, return spring, adapter plate and gasket.





Bosch EDC Governor Assembly, Governor Removed / GAC Rack Link Installed, Mounting Plate and Rack Return Spring Installed,  175 Actuator Being Installed, and the fully Assembled 175 Actuator on Bosch EDC Governor Housing

KT197 Components and Part Numbers:


Do GAC’s Speed Controls take time to power on?

The answer is it depends. Analog governors do not take any time to “power on”, i.e. the moment battery power is supplied to the governor, the circuit will function immediately. Digital governors on the other hand, like all processor-based controllers, require a certain amount of time to run through the processor’s startup routine and read EEPROM for its firmware before it is ready to execute any commands. For GAC’s digital governors this “power on” time is strictly controlled within ≤500ms in order to meet stringent requirements, such as in an emergency backup generator’s startup sequence.


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