The ALN Series Linear Actuators


ALN025 and ALN050 universal linear actuators provide fast acting, highly accurate positioning of a shut-off lever or throttle lever.  These push type actuators features internal return springs and performs both a speed control and engine shut-down functions.  The field proven, military-grade and approved design, is constructed with linear bearings and a minimum number of moving parts. The ALN025 and ALN050 actuators are maintenance free and can be applied to a multitude of applications. They directly replace Woodward / Barber Colman units used on many OEM installations.

The ALN025-12/24 provides 6.5 Lbs. [3.0kg] of linear force and replaces Woodward’s DYNA 2000 part numbers:

  • DYNC-10202-000-0-12VDC 
  • DYNC-10202-000-0-24VDC

The ALN050-12/24 provides 13.0 Lbs. [6.0kg] of linear force and replaces Woodward’s DYNA 2500 part numbers:

  • DYNC-10502-000-0-12VDC
  • DYNC-10502-000-0-24VDC

Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) has selected the ALN025 actuator and ECC328 speed controller for their 2.9L, 3 cylinder S8000 series engines for emergency and prime power gen-set applications used in both 50 and 60 Hz markets. 

The ALN025 actuator is mounted over the pump drive gear housing and is linked to the throttle lever of a Bosch VE pump.  The ECC328 electronic governor controls engine speed with a precise response to transient engine load changes with closed-loop speed control directing from the generators AC frequency for isochronous governing.   A magnetic pick-up and related wiring are not required, making this high-performance system the most popular alternative for small cost-sensitive power generation applications.




ALN Mounting Brackets BK265 and BK266
The mounting detail on these plates are complete and ready to accept the actuator.  They speed-up and simplify installation and are Zinc plated (per ASTM-B633 Type II) for corrosion resistance. They can be bent or drilled to mount in any application.
Additional ALN System Components Include:
  • ALN Series Clevis Kit: KT130
  • Bearing Rod Ends:
  • BR200 (1/4-28), BR300 (M5), BR400 (M6), BR500 (M8)
  • Threaded Rod: RD102 (1/4-28), RD233 (M6)


ALN025 Mounting Bracket Part Number BK265 & the ALN050 Mounting Bracket Part Number BK266

What connector options are there for GAC actuators? 

Certain actuators have a ‘C’ at the end of the part number like ADD225GSC to designate that it comes with a mating connector, some actuators also come with a mating connector by default. Many do not however, so make sure to confirm prior to delivery. 


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