May 30th, 2014 
   The SDG514-02-02 digital speed control is used with the ALR190-P04-12 integrated linear actuator mounted on a Mitsubishi S4L2 engine with Bosch-type pump along with an MSP6738 for speed reference. These are used in a series of compact diesel welders to precisely control engine speed in all load conditions. The ALR190-P04-12 (reverse acting, pull actuator) connects directly to the fuel pump in place of the stop solenoid for seamless integration and incredible transient response. The SDG514-02-02 is a powerful, compact, and tamper-proof governor that includes a customer-specific calibration so that every engine off the line performs equivalently. These welders are used by construction contractors, independent rig owners or fleet managers.
    Light-force refers to governors / speed controllers that are specifically designed to work with low-current, fast-responding, small actuators like the 100, 103, 104, ALR, and T1 ATB series. The reason that this is required is because small actuators respond very quickly to input changes and over a smaller range of operating current. Due to this, they use a fraction of the PID and current output of a normal ESD. In order to increase the resolution and avoid coarse adjustment in application; the light-force governors are designed with a specific PID range and scaled start fuel adjustment (5500E series) so that these smaller actuators can be precisely tuned at all speed and load conditions for optimal performance.