July 30th, 2014 
   The Briggs & Stratton 613275-0155-E1 engine can be used on their 040305B 20kW generator in conjunction with GAC's ADD104 rotary actuator and ECC328 speed control to provide back-up power to medium or large homes. The home generator system has a durable outdoor enclosure, over crank protection, and fully automatic operation. It also comes with Sound Shield technology for quiet operation. Designed for power generation applications, GAC's ECC328 does not require a magnetic speed pickup and, instead, uses a frequency from the main AC generator directly and will control a wide variety of engines in isochronous mode. The ADD104 is a cost-effective, high-performance pairing that improves transient response, load acceptance, and steady state performance over mechanical systems.
    Many customers encounter issues while setting the speed on GAC products that can be easily solved; here are a couple of quick tips and hints the next time you are setting up a GAC speed controller:

- The speed potentiometers on ESDs are 25 turns, not 1 turn, make sure to set accordingly

- The speed setting (Operating Range) must be below the overspeed setpoint

- The idle setting must be above the crank termination point but below the operating speed

- When tied to a mechanical governor, the speed setpoint on the GAC speed controller must be above or below the mechanical setting depending on how it is applied.


     The letters in each part number signify the type of product, the type of housing, and the type of connector. The difference in these four parts is the third letter, which indicates connector type:  

ADB - has a Military Connector

ADC - has a Commercial Connector (ADC100 which has a Packard Connector)

ADD - has a Packard Connector

ADE - has a Packard Connector with mating connector