August 30th, 2014 
   LiPPEL's 350/550x800 PTML Forestry Drum Wood Chipper is capable of grinding trimmings, timbers, entire trees and several other types of materials. The wood chipper's MTU 447 440 HP engine is controlled precisely at 1800 RPM by GAC'sEDG5500 digital speed controller and ADC225S-24 actuator resulting in superb performance at all loads with excellent fuel economy.                     
    Twisting the magnetic speed pickup wires 14 turns/ft helps cancel out electromagnetic interference (EMI) from external sources and crosstalk from other wires.  Shielding the wires offers an added step of protection from EMI and noise. The shield must be tied to the common point on the ESD case on only one side to ensure it does not act as a ground loop.

     1.) First, match the operating speed of your engine with the engine size using the chart below. The intersection of those two values will give you the bore size of the required ATB. For example, an 8 liter engine with an operating speed of 1500 RPM will require an ATB with a 55mm bore. Click  to see the ATB selection matrix.                

    2.) Next, choose a number of desired features in the chart below. Not all combinations of features exist for each ATB. The suffix is used in the product number to define which feature(s) the associated unit has. For example, turbocharged applications typically require sealed and high temperature units. The feedback position sensor is used to send a 1 - 4 volt signal corresponding to throttle position for input to another controller or display.