September 30th, 2014 
   The SGI-12 gas generator set has a normal rating of 205kW (50 Hz) and 220 kW (60Hz) and runs on 100% bio gas. The SGI-12 is precisely controlled by GAC's ESD5526E analog speed controller which comes equipped with soft coupling and is designed for gaseous applications utilizing GAC's ATB series actuators. The high temperature version of the ATB T2 shown below comes sealed with the option for a position feedback sensor.                           
    Lean burn refers to the burning of fuel with an excess of air in an internal combustion engine. For natural gas, an air-fuel ratio greater than 17.2:1 (stoichiometric ratio) is considered lean. The excess of air combusts more of the fuel resulting in higher thermal efficiencies. Compared to engines running at a stoichiometric "normal" air-fuel ratio, lean burn engines are almost always turbocharged, run at lower temperatures, and produce greater power and torque from the same amount of fuel. In fact, a greater air-fuel ratio is necessary for turbo charged applications to prevent high combustion temperatures that could damage the engine.
     GAC's KT317 is a plug and play ready to use adapter kit for the FIMS500 AFR200 Series controllers and includes the EAM212 Lean Burn adapter unit plus a Bosch wide band oxygen sensor.  The EAM down converts a 0-5 VDC LSU4.2 signal to a 0 -1 VDC narrow band input for the AFR Series controllers enabling the AFR to set a desired Lambda value (0.5-1.5) at every speed and load with a simple table in GAC's SmartVU software.  Though the AFR series controllers can be used with a narrow band oxygen sensor (without the Lean Burn adapter kit), in this case, the AFR will only have the ability to detect whether the fuel mixer is stoichiometric, rich, or lean but not how much. ( 1.0λ = Stoichiometric )