October 31st, 2014 
   GAC’s ADC100 is a field-proven, high-performance actuator designed for Stanadyne “D” series fuel injection pumps.  The ADC100 is a direct replacement to the Barber-Colman / Woodward DYNA 70025 and comes with a sealed Packard weatherpak connector as standard.  This actuator's incredibly fast response improves startup, allows for smooth steady-state response, and accepts transient load changes with ease all in a compact package that requires no external linkage or brackets.

    Stanadyne Corp. has recently transitioned to a newly designed top cover and gasket while keeping the main pump housing identical.  The original o-ring style gasket (GAC part number GA102) must be used in place of the metal formed gasket for ADC100 installations.  To make sure our customers have the tools they need, beginning November 1st, every 100 series supplied from GAC will include the gasket in the product box to ease installation. This will be serial numbers A45 and beyond.
    A marine certification is a classification which provides standards for the construction and maintenance of ships. This means all the ship's components must also be marine certified. Lloyd’s Register is one of a few organizations responsible for certifying vessels and its components. The following GAC speed controllers and actuators are Lloyd’s Certified.