December 23, 2014 

GAC’s ESD2300 series electronic speed controllers and electronic foot pedals can be found in many off-road applications such as the Taylor Machine Works 10 ton forklift as show below. The 2300's provide superior speed regulation over a variable RPM range with an immediate and precise response to transient load changes.  Each controller comes standard with adjustable PID functions, a built-in speed switch for overspeed contacts, and an electronic foot pedal interface with a variety of pedal options available at GAC.
Soft couplings are used when there is a slight misalignment between two shafts or bearings. GAC’s soft coupling feature is a filter designed to increase the performance of the speed controller when the use of soft couplings cause drastic variations in speed, detected at the engine’s flywheel. The variation in speed is usually caused by a resonance under 25 Hz which can result in the actuator visibly shaking as engine load increases.  The selectable soft coupling feature reduces this effect and can be found on the following GAC controllers.