April 30, 2015 
The ALR190 Series Integral Actuators mount directly onto injection pumps of small engines with no external linkages or brackets required. When de-energized, the ALR190 Series electric actuators function as a  fuel shutoff solenoid. Though this low cost high performance option requires a GAC governor, the engine's mechanical governor is not rendered useless. Instead, the mechanical governor acts as overspeed protection when set to 200-300 rpm higher than the analog governor’s operating speed. The field proven ALR190 Series can be found on Isuzu, Kubota, Mitsubishi, Perkins, Shibaura, & Yanmar Engines and performs best when coupled with GAC (light-force = low current optimized) governors such as: ECC328, ESE2244 ESD2402, ESD5120, ESD5520, ESD5500-II, and ESD5570.

Authentic GAC products are only made in the U.S.A. As a highly respected provider of engine control systems, GAC products are often counterfeited and come mostly out of China. GAC prides itself on high standards and takes protection of its "Made in the USA" brand very seriously, practicing vigorous quality measures to ensure that its products are certified by all major standards. Made with poor quality, counterfeits will likely have a number of shortcomings and are therefore unreliable. These shortcomings will interfere with the operation of an entire engine system and can cause serious damage. Ultimately, the best way to verify the authenticity of your product is to contact GAC with your serial number by calling 1-413-233-1888, emailing GAC@governors-america.com, or filling out this form. However, here are a few things for which to look when spotting a counterfeited GAC product.