June 1st, 2015 
Successfully used on Doosan and Denyo diesel generator sets, GAC’s JDR series J1939 Data Readers allows users to monitor fault codes and standard engine parameters. Advanced models, such as the JDR100-IV, include the ability to control Tier-IV diesel particulate regeneration, an important feature for locations with high emission standards. The JDR is self contained, requires no software configuration, and can withstand the harshest of environments.

An adjustable Idle Stop set screw (Min Throttle Adjustment) and Max Throttle Adjustment are provided to set a fixed fuel opening if desired. The diagram below depicts where the adjustment screws can be generally found on each ATB model. NOTE: The Max Throttle Stop is preset to 65 degrees.

1. You must completely remove the first sealing screw. This will give you access to the inner set screw.

2. Using a 2.5 mm Hex wrench, turning the wrench clockwise will increase the fixed throttle opening.

3. Adjustment is complete once you have replaced the sealing screw. Apply Loctite 518 or equivalent. The sealing screw should only be tightened to snug plus 1/4 turn.