June 30th, 2015 
GAC’s LAM100 Load Anticipation Module improves the load transient performance of a generator set. The LAM senses the line current of a generator and signals the speed controller to increase or decrease fuel to the engine, compensating for load changes on the alternator even before the engine speed changes. Purchased as an accessory, the LAM can be paired with a GAC electronic speed controller featuring an auxiliary input, improving performance up to 40%. The LAM comes hard-potted with adjustable time constant, adjustable amplitude, and requires a current transformer to be installed.

When choosing any of GAC’s universal actuators it is important to know the following application requirements:

1.  Do you need a rotary or linear actuator?

2. What is the travel amount (angle or distance)?

3. What is the force or torque required to move and hold at load?

4. What is the system's required voltage supply?  

Ultimately, the easiest way to choose a universal actuator is to call GAC and let our experts help you.