July 31st, 2015 
GAC's ESD5160 governor and ADC225D1S actuator are specifically designed for fire pump applications such as Kirloskar’s 335 HP 6SL8800TA. The ESD5160 is reverse acting, reducing the actuator duty cycle to increase engine speed and vice versa. This means if power is interrupted to the ESD5160, the actuator duty cycle will go to 0% and the dual return springs incorporated in the special ADC225D1S will allow the engine speed to increase to the limit set by the engine's mechanical governor, assuring the continual flow of water no matter what. GAC’s ESD5160 comes CE certified with an adjustable PID for either isochronous, variable, or droop governing and an expanded auxiliary input terminal for wider speed range control.

GAC sells engine mounted actuators, pump mounted actuators, universal actuators, and actuator throttle bodies:

1.  Engine mounted actuators are mounted to certain engine models and usually replace the stop solenoid or mechanical governor, requiring no external linkages.

2. Pump mounted actuators are mounted directly to certain diesel fuel injection pump models and linked directly to the pump’s fuel rack. This means they apply to a broad range of engine models.

3. Universal actuators can be mounted and linked to diesel fuel injection pumps or mechanical throttle bodies. Different models can be selected based on force output, travel distance, as well as other features such as a linear or rotary design.

4. Actuator Throttle Bodies (ATB) are a combined electronic actuator and throttle body in one compact, high-performance unit. These ATBs control the air/fuel mixture for gaseous-fueled engines and come in many bore sizes from 25mm to 120mm supporting 1L to 30L engines.  

All of our actuators are proportional, non-contact, come with return springs for safety, and require no serviceable items.