August 31st, 2015 

     Some tugboats, such as the “Glacier Wind” pictured above, are powered by two turbocharged Cummins KT38 V12 engines and utilize GAC’s ADB120E4 actuator designed specifically for the Cummins PT Fuel System. The ADB120E4 is a compact and highly reliable electric fuel metering servo capable of delivering fuel at rates up to 1700 lbs/hr, which is more than enough to supply the 679kW of power generated by these engines. When coupled with GAC’s ESD5221 speed controller in conjunction with the RSC671 speed ramping controller, this trio forms a closed-loop system capable of variable, isochronous, or droop governing and smoothly accelerates or decelerates the Cummins KT38 at independently adjustable rates while limiting smoke and noise. The ESD5221 comes with other features such as enhanced droop, a selectable lead circuit, and an overspeed switch output for engine protection.

When choosing a GAC governor, answer the following questions below:

1.  What Governing Type? (Variable, Droop, Isochronous)
2. Is the governor for a generator application?
     a.) Is speed trim needed?
     b.) Is load sharing / synchronizing required?
     c.)  If not, what is the application?
           (Marine, Compression, Irrigation, Off-Road Mobile, etc.)
3. What kind of fuel system? (Gaseous or Diesel)                                    
4. Is an idle input needed? 
5. What kind of actuator is being used? 
     a.) Does the actuator require low current (aka "light-force" for small
           actuators), regular current, or high current (ACB2001)?
     b.) Is the application running two actuators simultaneously?
6. Are protective speed switches required? (Overspeed, Crank, Parallel)
7. Is an analog or digital governor preferred?
8. What is the power supply's voltage? (12VDC, 24VDC, 32VDC, or more)

Ultimately, if you are unsure about choosing a governor, call or email GAC and let our experts help you!  1-413-233-1888 or