Sept 30th, 2015 

High capacity irrigation pumps are powered by engines like the Cummins VT1710. Pictured below, the Cummins VT1710 is armed with GAC’s DDM101 (Dual Driver Module) which allows two of GAC’s ATB T2 Actuator Throttle Bodies to work in conjunction with an ESD5111 electronic speed controller. Using two thermocouples, the DDM101 regulates the fuel in each of the VT1710’s cylinder banks by balancing its fuel and exhaust temperatures. Both 65mm ATB T2’s feature a position feedback sensor used by the DDM for precise control. The overall governing system is controlled by GAC’s highly reliable and field proven analog ESD5111, which features isochronous, variable, & droop operation. Combined, these three GAC products form a high performance governing system that is designed to outlast the life of the engine. GAC can supply a complete solution for any engine & fuel system.

All GAC designs start with the idea that we provide the highest quality product with the best value available in the world.
1. High quality components, fully sealed designs, made in the USA.
 2. Designs use the latest world standards for hazardous environments, marine, and EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) compliance across the world.
 3. GAC products are branded/approved by all major engine OEM's.
 4. GAC's designs endure the harshest of environments and last beyond the lifetime of the engine. Our glossy water resistant potting is one of several methods used to protect components from the harsh elements.