Oct 30th, 2015 

GAC’s valued distributor R.A. Engineering, located in Karachi, Pakistan, has developed a complete natural gas air-fuel ratio and engine control solution using a combination of GAC’s AFR210 and ComAp products for Caterpillar 3516A and B engines. This system uses GACs AFR210 for air-fuel ratio control and controls twin ATBs (Actuator Throttle Bodies) on this 16 cylinder, 69L engine using GAC's DDM (Dual Driver Module). R.A. Engineering has also devised a solution using GAC’s precise ADB120E4 metering valve / actuator combination to proportionately control turbocharger bypass pressure. This proves how GAC's innovative designs can apply to every engine and configuration, offering a low cost solution that increases fuel economy and performance.  For more information about this solution please contact:

All GAC designs start with the idea that we provide the highest quality product with the best value available in the world.
1. GAC actuators have no internally contacting parts. This means there are no gears or motors which damage over time and decrease the actuator’s performance.
 2. GAC’s spring returns allow the actuator to return to zero fuel when there is power loss or the speed controller fails; this is critical for safety.
 3. No maintenance is required since GAC actuators do not contain serviceable assemblies, grease fittings, seals, or o-rings.
 4. Installation is quick and easy since GAC actuators are designed to be universal or direct fit to a pump, engine, or intake manifold, without complicated procedures.