December 31st, 2015 

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 65L diesel S12R engines are used in power generation applications, producing up to 15kWm.  Governed by GAC's high current capable ESD5340 speed controller, the SR12 also utilizes GAC's heavy duty ACB2001 actuator. The ESD5340 offers superior full fuel control with its unique combination of features such as dual gain and speed ramping, allowing full control of speed and stability from idle to operating speed. The ACB2001 produces up to 12 ft-lb of torque and includes internal springs, providing a fail safe operation by forcing the actuator to the fuel shut off position when the actuator is de-energized. The ESD5340 can be swapped-out for GAC’s newly released EEG6500 digital governor, providing the current necessary to power the ACB2001 in a compact package that combines all the features of GAC's analog governors.

Some governors can operate with two distinct gain settings, usually one for idle speed and the other for rated speed. This feature is most helpful when an engine exhibits different characteristics under different situations. For example, an engine may run stable at high speeds and less stable at lower speeds. If a governor equipped with a single gain were set to control lower speeds, a less then optimum setting would yield at higher speeds. Separating the gain into two settings allows for stability to be maintained at these two different speeds. The following GAC governors feature dual gain: ESD5300 series, EDG5500, EDG6000, & EEG6500.