ATB753T3N14-12 or -24

ATB753T3N14-12 or -24
(75mm / High Temperature / Sealed)

Integral Throttle Body Actuator

The ATB Series integral throttle body electric actuators are designed to control the air or air/fuel mixture to a gaseous-fueled engine. The design baseline for the ATB Series incorporates fast response and proven reliability to allow for efficient and precise control. The ATB Series actuator directly drives the throttle plate with internal return springs, insuring that the throttle plate returns to the minimum fuel position when the actuator becomes de-energized.



Cost Effective, Maintenance Free, Compact Design
Rapid Response to Transient Load Condition
Optional Throttle Position Feedback Sensor
Sealed to 5.0 Bar
Mounts in Any Position, No Mechanical Linkage, No Mounting Brackets
Flexible Design for Engine, Manifold & Fuel Mixer Considerations
Idle and Max Adjustment Screws
Options for Corrosive Environmental Conditions
High Temp Versions for Turbo-charged Engines

Compatible Options


Cable Harnesses
CH1215 Packard - 6’ Actuator Mating Half
CH1515 AB Position Sensor Mating Half - 6' Shielded Cable / Feedback Sensor
Mating Connectors
EC1300 Packard - Electric Actuator / Mating Half Connector
EC1515 AB Position Sensor Mating Half Connector / Feedback Sensor


* Required