ADD104-12 or - 24

ADD104-12 or - 24
(Packard Connector / Lever / Briggs and Stratton® / Kohler® / Smaller 2 Cyl. V Style Engines)


The 104 Series Rotary Actuator is a field-proven proportional actuator designed for universal mounting for a variety of applications.Designed to mount directly to Briggs and Stratton or Kohler gas engines. When de-energized, the 104 Series electric actuator returns to the zero position. This is accomplished by an internal spring that returns the throttle body valve to the no-fuel position when the actuator is de-energized.



A Low-Cost Universal Actuator 
Designed for Small Gaseous Engines
Fast response < 25msec
Small Size
Easy Installation with Minimal Setup Time
Increased Operational Integrity and Security

Compatible Options

Cable Harnesses
CH1215 Packard - 6’ Actuator Mating Half
Mating Connectors
EC1300 Packard - Electric Actuator / Mating Half Connector


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