ADD225S-12 or -24

ADD225S-12 or -24
(12 or 24 VDC / Packard Connector with Mating Connector)


The 225 Series electric actuator is a rotary output, linear torque, proportional servo. This electromechanical actuator is typically used as an engine fuel control positioning device. An internal spring provides fail safe operation by forcing the actuator to the fuel shut off position when the actuator is de-energized. This design combines fast operation, multi voltage usage, wider rotation angles, and proven reliability. The actuator can operate directly from 12 and 24 volt battery supplies. The speed of operation of the actuator is typically faster than competitive units, thus it provides more stable and rapid response to transient conditions. Applications include fuel injection pumps, with or without mechanical governors, rotary type pumps, and medium sized gaseous fueled engines. The 25 degrees of rotation expands the application to a wider variety of engines.



Easy Installation
Universal Design
Internal Return Spring
Rapid Response to Transient
Multiple Mounting Positions
2.2 lb.ft. Torque
25° Rotation

Compatible Options



EC1300 ADD (Packard) Actuators - Mating Connector Kit / 2-Terminal
EC1310 ADD (Packard) Actuators -Connector Kit Replacement / 2-Terminal
CH1215 ADD (Packard) Actuators - 6 ft (1.8m) Harness with EC1300 / 2-Terminal
BK267 Installation Bracket - 225 Series to Woodward Dyna 8000 Footprint


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