ALN050-12 or -24

ALN050-12 or -24
(12 or 24VDC / 13.0 lbf. (6.0 kg) / 0.5 lb-ft (0.68 J) Work / Male Push-On Terminals)


The linear actuators are designed to provide highly accurate precise positioning for a close loop control with a minimum number of moving parts, which prolong the life of the actuator. The linear actuators provide a quick response time and can be use for different applications. The fast-acting actuator is completely self-contained. It requires only a firm mounting surface, appropriate linkage to the fuel control and electrical connection to the speed control unit. The actuators are not gravity sensitive and therefore can operate in any position. The actuators are compatible with GAC’s standard speed control units.



22mm stroke, < 35 msec. response
Designed with high quality anti-friction bearings
Cost effective design
Replaces competitive models

Compatible Options


AMP P/N 2-520184-2  Mating Connector
BR400 M6 I.D. End and Thread
BR200  1/4 in I.D. End & 1/4-28 UNF-2B Thread
Clevis Kit
KT231M Bosch RSV - Left Side
KT232M Bosch RSV - Right Side
 BK265 Installation Bracket - ALN025 Starter Plate
 BK266 Installation Bracket - ALN050 Starter Plate


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