ADE176AA-12 or -24

ADE176AA-12 or -24
(Bosch A Pump / Left Hand Rack / Cold Start / Packard Connector with Mating Connector)


The 176 Series Integrated Pump Mounted Actuators are field proven proportional actuators designed to mount directly to fuel injection Bosch-style “A” pumps to achieve an integrated proportional servo fuel package. Since the design has no sliding parts and its components are sealed; outstanding reliability results with no maintenance required. The design is versatile with numerous options and mounting kits available in order to adapt to other fuel pumps.



Connects Directly to the Fuel Rack in Place of Mechanical Governor
Available With Digital Governors
Feedback Position Available
Manual Shut-Off Mechanism
Fast Response < 35msec (10-90%)
Left-Hand Rack

Compatible Options


Mating Connectors
EC1300 Actuator Mating Connector
EC1350 Cold-Start Mating Connector
Cable Harnesses
CH1215 Packard - 6ft. Actuator Mating Half
Adapter Kit
KT176A 176 Series - Bearing Retainer Plate

ADD/ADE176AA Series Installation Kit - Spare (Included with Actuator) - Hardware, Spring, Retainer, Plate, Seal  

KT176-A-RS-L 176 Series - Bosch RS/RSV Governor / Left Hand Rack / Mounts Actuator Directly to Intermediary Mechanical Governor Housing


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