(Multi-VDC / One Oxygen Sensor Input)

AFR200 SERIES - Fuel and Ignition Management System (FIMS)

The Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) 200 series controller is part of the GAC comprehensive fuel management system for gaseous-fueled, spark-ignited engines ranging from 1L to 13L+. The AFR200 series controllers when used in conjunction with the ICM200 (Ignition Control Module) offers a complete Fuel and Ignition Management System (FIMS) referred to as the FIMS500 system. Each of these controllers has the ability to work independently of the other in the event of a failure.



Optimal Closed Loop Air-Fuel Ratio and Delivery Control
Built-In Engine Speed Governor
Engine Sensor, Data Monitoring and Diagnostic Capability
Inputs and Outputs
12 and 24 VDC Compatible
CAN / Serial Communication
Easy Configuration and Customization Using GAC SmartVU Software
High Reliability & Durability


ICM200 Series - Fuel and Ignition Management System (FIMS)

  • Capable of up to 8 cylinders sequential or 16 cylinders wasted-spark
  • High-energy inductive ignition system
  • Supports camshaft / crankshaft engine position sensors of either the Hall Effect or variable reluctance type
  • Fixed timing with in-field global trim capability as well as two variable timing maps based on engine speed and load

The Ignition Control Module (ICM) 200-series is an intelligent electronic control module which is part of GAC’s distributor-less ignition system. The ICM triggers an inductive coil by charging the coil with the appropriate amount of energy for high voltage induction into the engines’ spark plugs.


EC1501 AFR Series - Mating Connector #1 Kit / 35-Terminal
CH1519 AFR Series - 8 ft. (2.4m) Harness / Flying Leads / 35-Wires


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