(24VDC / Variable Speed DC Generator Control / Integrated Current Transformer / 200A Input / 0-8VDC Output / Built-In Power Meter Output)

EAM208 - Interface Module

The EAM208 is an accessory module which provides an output proportional to power based on the current input from the variable speed DC generator. The module does this with an integrated current transformer that is designed to operate at nominal 100 Amps, max 200 Amps. The integrated current gain potentiometer provides a method of adjusting the gain response of the current input with respect to the variable speed output of 0-8VDC.  The EAM208 also features a meter output for external power level indication that can be scaled using an integrated calibration potentiometer to coincide with the actual governor output. The module is designed for 24V operation, with a range of 18 to 32 VDC.  It is a perfect complement to the EDG6000 which has a voltage input for variable speed operation and includes multiple-PID capability (across entire speed and duty cycle range) for perfect performance at every operating condition.


Integrated CT up to 200A
Variable Speed Voltage Output Based on Load
Power Meter Output & Calibration
Adjustable Current Gain Built-in

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