(M16 3 w 2 Leads / Packard Connector)

MSP Series - M16 x 1.5 Threaded 3 Length

Magnetic Speed Sensors

GAC's Magnetic Speed Sensors are a rugged and economic solution for detecting engine speed. Sturdier than plastic sensors and outperforming semiconductor-type devices at high temperatures, GAC's epoxy encapsulated sensors are unaffected by dust and dirt. Multiple sizes and customized configurations are available.



-65°F to +255°F (-54°C to +107°C) Operating Temperature
Available for Hazardous Location Installation (Not Certified)
Produces Electrical Frequency
Requires No Energizing Circuit From Control
Used On All GAC's Electronic Speed Controllers


TSE050 Frequency Generator

The TSE050 simulates a running engine when connected to the magnetic pickup input on a speed control. An on-board potentiometer allows the signal to be adjusted between 750 to 10,000 Hz and is compatible with all GAC speed controls using a magnetic pickup.


Cable Harness
CH1204 MSP677/678 - 10' Shielded - Straight Connector (MIL)
CH1205 MSP677/678 - 10' Shielded - 90° Connector
CH1206 MSP6721/6724 and ADC Actuators - 4' Unshielded
MSP6721/6724/6723 - 10' Shielded (Automotive)
CH1208 MSP675 - 10' Shielded
MSP677/678 - 27' Shielded (Straight Connector)
CH1219 Sensors Mating Half - 10' Shielded (Packard)
Mating Connectors
EC1100 MSP677 with Straight Cable Clamp & Weather Boot
EC1110 MSP677 with 90° Cable Clamp
EC1350 Mating Packard Speed Sensor


* Required