Surplus Generator Solutions

Engines purchased through government agencies often need overhaul. GAC offers solutions to updating and repairing these engines. Often used as generators, you may find GAC parts already on them.

For help with military procurement see our sister company Hawkeye Innovation.


• 24 V DC • Deutsch Connector with Mating Connector  


Provides integral high-performance fuel control system and functions as a fuel shutoff solenoid

• 24 V DC • Packard Connector without Mating Connector • Includes GA102


MSP Military-Style (Amphenol) Sensors • 10 ft [3 m] Shielded Harness • Straight Connector EC1100 • 2-Terminal

ESC63C- 17

Accepts Various Standard Battery Voltages • Adjustable Speed Range 33:1 • Simple Installation • Designed Protection for Moisture


Multi-V DC • Light-Force (Low-Current Optimized PID) • Enhanced Droop