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We Are Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore Certified

We have again received our Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore certification for our core electronic speed controller and actuators. The BV NR320 assures GAC products are produced in approved manufacturing facilities with approved quality procedures. 

This includes our:

  • ELECTRONIC SPEED GOVERNORS – 3927H:  ESD5100, ESD5300 and ESD5500 Series
  • ELECTRICAL ACTUATORS – 3932H: AXX120, AXX175, AXX180, ACB2001, AXX225 and AXX275 Series

We are proud of all our certifications.

Application of the Month: GAC ACB2001 Actuator Offers Two Generator Solutions in Two Weeks

Sistemas de Energía Sociedad Anónima (S.E.S.A.), a distributor for GAC in Venezuela and Panama, recently installed our powerhouse ACB2001 actuator on two generator solutions in as many weeks. 

In each job they combined the GAC ESD5330 controller and an ACB2001 actuator to first support a 12V149T Detroit Diesel engine and then a 16V71 Detroit Diesel, each part of a genset solution. By fabricating custom brackets for each actuator, mounting on the engine went very smoothly.

Both jobs provided outstanding performance and very happy customers. Way to go Hernan Rendon and the team at S.E.S.A.!

The 16V71 drives a 400 KW, 480 VAC, 60 HZ standby generator.
The 16V71 drives a 400 KW, 480 VAC, 60 HZ standby generator.
12V149T The 12V149T drives a 970 KW, 480 VAC, 60 HZ standby generator.
The 12V149T drives a 970 KW, 480 VAC, 60 HZ standby generator.
Hernan Rendon, director of Sistemas de Energia S.A.
Hernan Rendon, director of Sistemas de Energia S.A.

Product of the Month: GAC ACB2001 Heavy-Duty Actuator

GAC’s ACB2001 actuator provides 12 lb-ft [16.3 N∙m] of torque. It delivers heavy-duty rotary output at 24 V in a linear torque proportional electric servo actuator design to support mechanical fuel system control.

Paired with our ESD5300 Series speed control unit, this actuator provides up to 35 degrees of rotation.

Internal springs provide fail-safe operation by forcing the actuator to the fuel shut off position when the actuator is de-energized. Since the design has no sliding parts and is totally sealed, its reliability is outstanding, and no maintenance is necessary. The ACB2001 has proven its worth in supporting large block pumps, dual medium carburetors and many large-size carburetors.

More details:

  • Available torque max 12 lb-ft [16.3 N∙m]
  • Maximum angular travel of shaft 35 ° ±1 ° CW/CCW
  • Rapid response to transient conditions when used with ESD53X0 Controller
  • Universal design allowing for multiple mounting positions
  • High-performance anti-corrosive grease (Lubriplate SYNEME HD-2 ™)
  • Internal return spring
  • Heavy-duty bearings (ABC2001-HP)
  • Lever and vibration dampeners included
  • Easy installation

Use This to Replace That

GAC offers replacements to many other manufacturers’ products. Our distributors often say they are better than the originals. Replacement options for many other actuators are detailed in GACs Cross Reference Guide.  For help and details, contact your local distributor or technical support at GAC.

Woodward UG8Woodward EG-3P on a Caterpillar G398-V12 with 2 throttle bodiesWW 2301A governor with a A8240-449 actuator on a Detroit Diesel 16V92  ACB2001 paired with an ESD5330  

That was easy.

Check Out Our New Flipbook

Finding just the right part is easier than ever with our new electronic product flipbook! It puts our full product line right at your fingertips with links to images and product listings. Find the product you want and click through to request a quote.

We’re happy to offer this convenient new way to help you get the GAC parts you need quickly and easily. Check it out today and let us know what you think—your feedback matters!

Is Your Product an Authentic GAC Part?

At GAC, we take pride in designing and manufacturing high quality products in the U.S.A. Our distributors also take pride in offering genuine GAC products. Unfortunately, the downside to creating such a product means many counterfeited GAC products exist, attempting to replicate the superior GAC design and performance.

At first glance, some counterfeits look like GAC products, but they certainly do not perform like them. Always purchase your parts from a Genuine GAC Distributor.  Below are two examples of counterfeit GAC products. Lately, we’ve seen some without the GAC name, but the product looks like ours. It is not. Stay safe and buy direct. Don’t risk your engine to save a few bucks.