(24VDC / High Torque Return Spring with Oil Drain Fitting)


The 275 Series Electric Actuator is a second generation design more powerful than its predecessor. It is for Bosch-Style “P” 3000-7000 fuel injected Pumps. Coupling the 275 Series with a fuel pump results in a high performance fuel control system without external linkages or brackets. Two isolated chambers eliminates the possibility of any magnetic particles collecting and jamming the actuator. As a result, the 275 Series typically outlasts the life of a diesel engine and is maintenance-free. Camshaft bearing retainer kits, position feedback transducer and heavy duty bearing retention options are available.



Optimum Performance for In-line Pumps
Includes Manual Rack Return Mechanism
Stop Lever
Mounts Directly on Bosch ‘P’ and ‘RP 21’ Fuel
Injection Pumps in Place of a Mechanical Governor
Control Up to 12 Cylinder Pumps
Adjustable Maximum Fuel Limit

Compatible Options



Mating Connectors
EC1000 ACB / ADB (Military Style) Actuators
EC1010 ACB  / ADB (Military Style) Actuators / 90°
EC1300 ACE  (Packard) Actuators
Cable Harnesses
CH1203 12’ Harness - Straight Connector / ACB / ADB Actuators (MIL)
CH1215 Packard - 6’ Actuator Mating Half / ACE275 & ACE275K Actuators
CH1515 AB Position Sensor Mating Half /6’ Shielded Cable / Feedback Sensor ACE275K Actuator
Adapter Kit
KT275 Adaptor Kit - Bosch P 3000 Pump
KT276 Adaptor Kit - Bosch P 7000 Pump
KT278-1 Adaptor Kit - Bosch RP21 Pump for Marine Applications
 KT3000-MT Installation Kit - MTU - Bosch P 3000 Bearing Retainer Kit
 KT7001-MT Installation Kit - MTU - Bosch P 7001 Bearing Retainer Kit


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