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Industries Served


Serving a wide variety of industries

With products and solutions built for almost every engine, we are one of the top engine control manufacturers in the world, serving a wide variety of industries with our quality products.

Power Generation

Whether it’s wind, solar, hydro, gaseous or fossil-fueled, our work in the power generation field helps keep the lights on. And when the lights do go out, our products can be found in powerful generators used to keep essential municipal buildings and businesses from being in the dark.


Keeping the most powerful marine machinery moving, our marine certified control systems can be found in rescue boats, tugboats, cruise ships and other large watercraft.



As a veteran-owned and operated business, we take great pride in the honor of supplying products to our defense and federal customers. Found in power generation systems and other solutions, our products support our military.

Heavy Equipment

Farming and construction equipment are put under immense pressure day in and day out and our products are up for the job, keeping this heavy machinery running to get the job done.


A reliable form of transportation is essential to moving people and product. Our control systems can be found in the strongest locomotives and other forms of transport. Favored for our dependability and customer service, we pride ourselves in the fact that our products will outlive the life of an engine.


Proven robust and reliable in some of the harshest environments, our products drive the machinery that delves into the depths of the Earth. Commonly found in heavy equipment and light towers, GAC governors, actuators and control systems keep the mining industry running smoothly.