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Design Capabilities


Product design, development, and manufacturing capabilities

3d parts in cad drawing

Governors America Corp.’s control design capabilities span all aspects of project development, from inception to production. Equipped with complete in-house product design, development, and manufacturing capabilities, GAC can implement complete, application-specific control solutions that are on time and on budget. We are agile, responsive, and flexible, working with our customers to find the best solutions possible to solve complex requirements.

As a leader in engine control, GAC incorporates advanced technologies into all product development. These technologies range from enhanced analog controls to advanced microprocessor-controlled systems, to enhanced actuator design. Our custom integrated electronic design and development evaluates each design to meet various standards including CE, NFPA, CSA, and customer-specified requirements. We adhere to strict standards, earning several competitive certifications that allow us to work efficiently and effectively in industries known for having high-quality specifications including defense, aerospace, marine, and government. Our capabilities include electronic, software, and mechanical design.