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About Us

Governors America Corp. (GAC) is a leading provider of innovative engine control products worldwide. As a veteran-owned and operated family business, our dedication and focus on our customers’ needs has shaped GAC into a vertically integrated company with complete design, development and manufacturing capabilities.

Our mission is to provide trusted solutions for the innovative equipment that powers and builds our world. GAC’s market-focused efforts provide precise electromechanical and electronic engine devices and speed control systems globally. Our core competencies in engine governing and fuel system management systems have tailored our products to endure the harshest environments and every imaginable application. Typical applications include natural gas and diesel-engine controls for a variety of industries, including power generation, heavy equipment and mining, marine, transportation, defense and off-road applications.


Our Tech

GAC’s broad, technically advanced line of electronic governing and fuel control systems provide solutions for your needs in both cost and complexity. Engine control systems range in intricacy from single-speed isochronous governors to sophisticated multi-engine load-sharing/power-control systems with a wide variety of complementing governing and control system accessories.

GAC maintains our leadership in the engine control field by incorporating advanced technologies into product development including enhanced analog controls and advanced microprocessor-based control systems.  The mechanical assembly process uses automatic and semi-automatic production methods and tools, augmented by our full array of in-house CNC equipment that ensures the highest quality standards.

Our Company

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GAC supports our innovative designs with a vertically integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. With over 68,000 square feet, our headquarters in Agawam, Massachusetts combines the latest in technology, equipment and computer systems with our experienced and knowledgeable workforce to produce products that exceed quality standards.

GAC is committed to manufacturing in the USA, currently producing 95% of both electronic and mechanical product families in-house. The ability to manufacture our products internally ensures stringent quality monitoring and faster response times to meet customer needs. We employ processes that allow for maximum flexibility to produce products in high or low volumes to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Our manufacturing and delivery process is driven by a comprehensive materials requirements planning (MRP) system that allows for full integration across all functions of the organization. The MRP system allows for an efficient and comprehensive method of operation that maintains GAC at the forefront of providing our customers with what they need when they need it at a competitive price.

Behind all of this are GAC’s employees. These highly skilled, dedicated individuals are committed to quality and continuous improvement in their areas of expertise from design to production and customer shipment.

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Our Quality

Quality at GAC starts at the very beginning, with the design of our products. Our engineers design with one main principle: provide our customers with the most reliable and highest-quality product we can. To do this, we design our products to meet or exceed the latest world standards and application requirements. Our strict processes have qualified us for some of the most prestigious manufacturing certifications in the world, proving the quality of our products and processes.


Have some unusual specifications that don’t quite fit our current catalog of products? We have the answer; Our sister company Hawkeye Innovation can help.

Hawkeye Innovation offers government sourcing and industry-leading contract manufacturing solutions including build to print services, CNC machining, printed circuit board design and full, in-house coil winding.